40-Hour Self Study Instructions
The following instructions are to be used in preparation for Vermont's real estate exam. Use this outline as a time management tool by setting completion target dates for each Module located at the bottom of this page.  This program is approved for Vermont's 40 hour pre-licensing requirement for salespersons, brokers, and out-of-state licensees preparing for the Vermont Exam.
1 INSPECT ALL MATERIALS - Upon receiving your correspondence program, inspect all materials to assure they arrived complete & without damage.
2 DOWNLOAD AND SAVE THE "PROGRESS REPORT" TO YOUR COMPUTER – Linked from the enrollment welcome email to a location of your choice for future reference. Use the Progress Report to record scores and dates for each of the end of chapter quizzes / exams, and one 80 question custom quiz from Kaplan's Q-Bank program discussed below.   Note: The Kaplan Q-Bank to pass the real estate exam is not the same as the end of chapter quizzes / exams.  Procedures for the Q-Bank will be included within Kaplan's online program. Do not use this software until the MREP text book work has been completed, including the sample exams at the end of the text book.


Windows (XP thru 8)
- Install the MREP Student Quiz Builder software linked from the enrollment welcome email and become familiar with how to navigate within the test building software. Students will need to take the end of chapter quiz as detailed in Step 5.

MAC (Apple)
The online MREP Textbook includes the end of chapter exams built within the program. Be sure to complete all sections of your online textbook so that the End of Chapter Exam becomes available.  

Student’s welcome email includes links and passwords to the online textbook and the Q-Bank to pass the AMP Exam program. These programs are in partnership with QW and RECampus (Kaplan).

4 STUDY EACH CHAPTER AND LISTEN TO THE KEY POINT EXAM REVIEW FOR MREP AUDIO CD - Start with each chapter's LEARNING OBJECTIVES AND KEY TERMS.  Listen to the audio CD’s and highlight the corresponding content to each chapter prior to taking the end of chapter quizzes.
5 TAKE TESTS & RECORD SCORES FOR EACH CHAPTER - Use the MREP TEST BUILDER SOFTWARE PROGRAM (for Windows) or for MAC users (the end of chapter exam) covered during Step 3 to complete the end of chapter quizzes. Manually enter your scores for each chapter on the Progress Report. These scores are required at the end of your program.
6 Use Kaplans Q-Bank to Pass AMP's exam -  From the online RECampus Q-bank (links, username and password included with welcome email / enrollment form) click on the "custom build" and select all topics. Set the number of questions to 80 and take the quiz. Record the score on the Progress Report and continue to build mini quizzes for post text book review.
7 STUDY THE VERMONT'S REAL ESTATE RELATED LAWS- Read the highlighted areas of the VERMONT STATUES ANNOTATED (VSA) Laws & Rules located in the Vermont Laws Textbook or online from the "Vermont Laws Login" link @ www.qualityworkshops.com.  Work from the Practice side of the Quiz Room only after reading the highlighted content. After mastering the practice questions to a level of 80% or more, complete the "online" two part final confirmation quiz (E-mailed Version), also located from the Vermont Laws' Quiz Room link. Confirmation results will be sent to Quality Workshops with results emailed back to students. A score of 80% (salespersons) and 85% (brokers) or higher is required. Students are encouraged to check their answer form the Vermont Law text book or practice side of the quiz room. Scores of 100% simply mean students have read the highlighted sections and feel they can represent these laws during their practice as a real estate agent.
8 PROGRAM COMPLETE - Attach the completed Progress Report to an email and send to: support@qualityworkshops.com

FINAL REVIEW  - For the MREP content (national) review, re-study the weakest areas of the text book and Q-Bank program by designing mini quizzes from the Q-Bank custom build area by selecting one topic and setting the number of questions to 5 to 10 per quiz. Repeat this for the lowest scores or for those topics you feel more review is needed.

For the Vermont Laws review, re-read the highlighted sections of the Vermont Laws text book or online software. Retest from the “practice” side of the quiz room as much as needed to obtain a working knowledge of 80% or higher.

10 RELAX and GOOD LUCK! Support must be requested by email @ support@qualityworkshops.com Students need to be at a computer during support calls. Please .. do not accept support calls from a cell phone while driving! Support emails are handled in the order received.
approx. times
(Each student Is incouraged to go at their own pace)
Target Dates
(Student Decides)
(Week 1)
Review 10 Step Instructions - Above
STUDY "Licensing Booklet" (click Here)

(AMP's links on lower right corner of above link)

 (Week 1)
Real Property & the Law
Ch. 1, 2, & 3

(Week 1 & 2)
Agency & Contracts
Ch. 4, 5, & 6

(Week 2 & 3)
Interest & Ownership
Ch. 7, 8, 9, & 10

(Week 3 & 4)
Contracts & Zoning
Ch. 11, 12, 13, & 14

(Week 4 & 5)
Financing & Appraisals
Ch. 15, 16, 17, & 18

(Week 5 & 6)
Zoning, Fair Housing, & Closing
Ch. 19, 20, 21, 22, 23

 (Week 5 & 6)
Q-Bank to Pass AMP's Exam plus
Vermont Real Estate Related Laws